Our thoughts go out to Puerto Rico during this difficult time.

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Our thoughts go out to Puerto Rico during this difficult time.

Erewhon Calling

A conversation with Blank Forms' Lawrence Kumpf and art historian Branden W. Joseph on the New Zealand experimental music scene of the '80s and '90s onward, with a mix by the latter. This week, Blank Forms presents a rare appearance from Dunedin's The Dead C at the First Unitarian Congregational Society, Brooklyn on September 20th, and Christchurch's The Renderers outdoors of The Sump on September 23rd.


Blank Forms


Blank Forms is a curatorial platform dedicated to the presentation and preservation of time-based performance practices, with emphasis on ephemeral practices that fall outside conventional institutional support systems and consequently risk remaining inaccessible, minimally documented and obscure. Through a variety of curatorial approaches, including public performances, online and print publishing, exhibitions, workshops, seminars and residencies, Blank Forms crafts a robust support structure for both the artist and the presentation of their work.

Experimental Composers


Artists who explore the edges of genre and technique.