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Tricksters, Foxes, Crows, and Chimeras

Almost every culture has its tricksters, especially modern American music. In this edition of Just the Facts and Pass the Bucket, the Friendly Ghost explores some of these border-jumping, threshold-breaking, crafty-eyed magic-makers, starting with Sun Ra and going out from there. Some of these artists live outside the lines of genre, pointing and laughing from the far side of the room. Others reinvent from the inside out, pulling rabbits out of hats. And still others build their homes in the borderlands. With: Sun Ra, Tom Waits, Henry Threadgill, Yusef Lateef, John Lennon, The Art Ensemble of Chicago, and more.


Just The Facts and Pass The Bucket


Just The Facts and Pass The Bucket brings you music from the past, present, and future! A show that explores improvisation, free jazz, and experimentation through the medium of folk songs, oddities, and ancient traditions. Hosted by the Friendly Ghost aka Jake Nussbaum, a Brooklyn-based musician, artist, and producer for Clocktower Radio.