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Just The Facts and Pass The Bucket

Just The Facts and Pass The Bucket brings you music from the past, present, and future! A show that explores improvisation, free jazz, and experimentation through the medium of folk songs, oddities, and ancient traditions. Hosted by the Friendly Ghost aka Jake Nussbaum, a Brooklyn-based musician, artist, and producer for Clocktower Radio.


Atlas Moth
Flat Earth Theory
Divine Comedians
Of the Chain
Golden Braid
Chapels for Days
A Thousand Masks
Brimstone Makes the Dog Dance
Straight to the Practical
East of What??
Influence of the Beyond
Tricksters, Foxes, Crows, and Chimeras
Some Justice

Sun Ra: The Concert for the Comet Kohoutek

Sun Ra & the Intergalactic Space Research Arkestra in concert at the legendary Town Hall in New York in late 1973, honoring the cosmic phenomena of the moment, the Comet Kohoutek, which was (sort of) visible as it passed near earth. Not surprisingly, the band ranges from near standard big band form to wild and free improvisational explorations.