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Straight to the Practical

The Friendly Ghost materializes for another edition of Just the Facts and Pass the Bucket, with practical music for practical people! Sounds for self-help and home improvement. Homemade remedies and simple recipes. Do-it-yourself situations. Elementary particles, chemistry sets and star charts. BEATS. Gumbo.

With: Dr. John, Archie Shepp, Vijay Iyer, Soki Ohale's Uzzi, Chico Mann, David Murray, Milford Graves, Gil-Scott Heron, Eric Dolphy, Os Brazoes, Clifford Jordan.


Just The Facts and Pass The Bucket


Just The Facts and Pass The Bucket brings you music from the past, present, and future! A show that explores improvisation, free jazz, and experimentation through the medium of folk songs, oddities, and ancient traditions. Hosted by the Friendly Ghost aka Jake Nussbaum, a Brooklyn-based musician, artist, and producer for Clocktower Radio.