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Season 1, Ep.10 : Steve Mentz, Little Red Lighthouse Swim

Steve Mentz is an intrepid open water swimmer, and has completed numerous long-distance swims in the Hudson and Long Island Sound. While standing in the shadow of the George Washington Bridge, and just steps from the Little Red Lighthouse CB Radio chatted with Mentz about this, the site of a yearly Little Red Lighthouse Swim. In addition to his aquatic feats, Mentz teaches Shakespeare, literary theory, and maritime literature and culture with a focus on the “environmental humanities.” Responding in his research and teaching to ecological crisis has brought his work beyond Shakespeare to embrace oceanic culture, environmental philosophy, and artistic performances. Dr. Mentz is author of three books, Shipwreck Modernity: Ecologies of Globalization 1550 – 1719 (2015), At the Bottom of Shakespeare’s Ocean (2009), Romance for Sale in Early Modern England: The Rise of Prose Fiction (2006), and three edited collections, Oceanic New York (2015), The Age of Thomas Nashe (2014) and Rogues and Early Modern English Culture (2004). He has published numerous articles on Shakespeare, ecological criticism, maritime culture, the history of the book, and related topics.


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