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CB Radio

CB Radio was inspired by the research, design, and development of Citizen Bridge, a temporary floating bridge to reconnect New Yorkers to their waterways.

In order to learn about New York City’s waterways, Nancy Nowacek artist and project founder, engaged the expertise and advice of writers, architects, artists, industrial designers, bridge engineers, as well as the experts and enthusiasts that comprise New York City’s maritime community.

From the Harbor School to the Waterfront Museum and Showboat Barge, CB Radio—in collaboration with Jake Nussbaum, artist and Clocktower Radio Station Manager— will introduce listeners to the people and ideas that define New York City’s harbor.


Season 2, Ep.7 : Helen Georgas and Nicole Miller, Underwater NY
Season 2, Ep.6 : Marina Zurkow and Bob Braine
Season 2, Ep.5 : Christy Gast, Contested Landscapes
Season 2, Ep.4 : Matthew Friday, SPURSE
Season 2, Ep.3 : Maria Aiolova, Terreform One
Season 2, Ep.2 : José Soegaard, Waterfront Alliance
Season 2, Ep.1 : Murray Fisher, Billion Oyster Project
Season 1, Ep.10 : Steve Mentz, Little Red Lighthouse Swim
Season 1, Ep.9 : Dylan Gauthier, Mare Liberum
Season 1, Ep.8 : Marie Lorenz, Tide and Current Taxi
Season 1, Ep.7 : Sam Janis, Billion Oyster Project
Season 1, Ep.6 : Ann Fraioli, Harbor School
Season 1, Ep.5 : Rob Buchanan and Willis Elkis, NY Watertrails
Season 1, Ep.4 : Carl Persak, Brooklyn Boatworks
Season 1, Ep.3 : Jeff Sandgrund, Brooklyn Bridge Park
Season 1, Ep.2 : David Sharps, Waterfront Barge Museum
Season 1, Ep.1 : Citizen Bridge and Mary Mattingly, Swale