Ghetto Biennale: Radyo Shak

Radio Series
70 Episodes

Ghetto Biennale: Radyo Shak

Produced by Richard Fleming , Jake Nussbaum
Radyo Shak in Port-au-Prince. Photo by Lazaros.
Radyo Shak in Port-au-Prince. Photo by Lazaros.

Radyo Shak was the independent broadcast voice of the Ghetto Biennale lakou 2015. Based in a shack in the Grand Rue Atis-Resistans compound of Port-au-Prince, Clocktower Radio's Radyo Shak broadcast Haiti's biennale happenings, from December 10-21, 2015. Radyo Shak Program Director Richard Fleming and Radyo Shak Project Director Jake Nussbaum hosted freeform radio in the bidonville, including Rara bands, interviews with locals, artists and writers, project updates, and Haitian revolutionary history over FM radio, Internet radio, and analog broadcast amplified through speakers and PA.

The Kreyòl language programming from the Radyo Shak is available here: Geto Byenal: Radyo Shak (Kreyòl)

In addition to the recordings archived here that were collected onsite during the biennale, Clocktower's Ghetto Biennale: Radyo Shak series includes additional material gathered from Haitian musicians, DJ sets, record labels, expats, artists, and more, to give our listeners a complete audio landscape of Haiti in the world today.

NOTE: Additional programming spoken entirely in the Haitian Kreyòl language has been posted on Clocktower Radio under Geto Byenal: Radyo Shak series.

About Radyo Shak

Radyo Shak was organized by Clocktower Productions and Richard Fleming on the occasion of the 4th Ghetto Biennale in Haiti, in collaboration with Pioneer Works.

The project is made possible with generous support from Lybess Sweezy and Rosa Sandretto, and Clocktower Board of Directors. Additional support provided by Chris Bongie and Ben Fountain, with media sponsorship by Konbit Mizik, the Haiti Cultural Exchange, the Biennial Foundation, Blacks(s) to the Future, CULTUREGO Magazine, and the The Rhythm Foundation. Richard Fleming's participation is made possible through the generous support of Owsley Brown III.

Ongoing Clocktower program support from Lawton W. Fitt, Agnes Gund, Sanford Krieger, and Dorothy Lichtenstein.

Ghetto Biennale Directors: Leah Gordon and Andre Eugene
Radyo Shak Program Director: Richard Fleming
Radyo Shak Project Director: Jake Nussbaum (Clocktower)
Radyo Shak Correspondents, Haiti: Alanna Heiss, Beatrice Johnson, and Joe Ahearn (Clocktower), Gabe Florenz (Pioneer Works)
Radyo Shak Production Control, New York: Mia Wendel-DiLallo (Clocktower)

Radyo Shak Design: Jocelyn Georges and Joe Winter

Ghetto Biennale Curatorial Team: Cat Barich, Claudel Casseus, Andre Eugene, Leah Gordon, Maccha Kasparian, Evel Romain, Liz Woodroffe


More on the Ghetto Biennale of Haiti:
After the Haiti Revolution, the formerly enslaved peasants had three tools for their "counter-plantation" position: the Kreyòl language, the Lakou system (a subaltern land management system) and the belief system and ritual practices of Vodou—a triumvirate of linguistic, territorial and cultural resistance. In December 2009, through an international open call, the Atis Rezistans, the Sculptors of Grand Rue, invited artists to explore what potentials these radical tools—Kreyòl, Vodou, and the Lakou—have to offer to the contemporary world. The Ghetto Biennale welcomed projects that incorporated language, space, performance and symbolism and considered global territorial struggles; forms of linguistic refusal and friction; and ritual and esoteric forms of obstruction and intransigence.

Today, curators Andre Eugene (Haiti) and Leah Gordon (UK) host a roster of over 60 fine artists, film-makers, academics, photographers, musicians, architects, and writers, to come to the Grand Rue area of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, to make or witness work that was made or happened in their neighborhood.

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