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Old Testament Poetry

Actors Patricia Randell, Aaron Serotsky, and Cynthia Adler read a selection of Old Testament-themed work from four poets--Elizabeth Rosner, Yehoshuah November, Mellisa Range, and Reena Ribalow.

Elizabeth Rosner (read by Patricia Randell)
Yehoshuah November (read by Aaron Serotsky)
Melissa Range (read by Cynthia Adler)
Reena Ribalow (read by Patricia Randell)

Novelist, poet and essayist Elizabeth Rosner is the author of two highly acclaimed novels, The Speed of Light and Blue Nude, and a poetry collection, Gravity. Her work has appeared in the New York Times Magazine, Elle, and several anthologies. Patricia Randell has been described with the phrase “there is no more authentic actress on the New York stage than she.” She is also a TV and film actress and will appear as FDIC chairwoman Sheila Bair in the 2012 HBO film Too Big to Fail.

Yehoshua November's debut poetry collection, God's Optimism, was named a finalist for the 2010 L.A. Times Book Prize in Poetry and selected as the winner of the MSR Poetry Book Award. His work has appeared in The Sun, Prairie Schooner, and on The Writer's Almanac, among others. November teaches writing at Rutgers University and Touro College. Aaron Serotsky has been on Broadway in August: Osage County, and on the National Tour of Titanic. He was also on the NY stage in The Blue Flower, Frankenstein, What Goes Around, and at Denver Center Theatre Company, English Theatre of Vienna, English Theatre of Frankfurt, and at numerous regional theatres. On television, he has appeared in The Beautiful Life, Law & Order, The Unusuals, Guiding Light, and All My Children.

Melissa Range’s Horse and Rider won the Walt McDonald Prize, and is the recipient of a 2007 "Discovery"/The Nation Award and a 2006 Rona Jaffe Foundation Writers’ Award. Her poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in The Georgia Review, Image, The Paris Review, and Poetry London (UK). Cynthia Adler was a voice in The Muppet Show and played The Invisible Girl in a Fantastic Four radio series with Bill Murray as the Human Torch.

Reena Ribalow, who lives in Jerusalem, has won a host of literary prizes including the Keats Poetry Prize, The Margaret Reid Poetry Prize, and The Golden Prize, as well as the Moment Magazine and the Stand Magazine Short Story Competitions. Her work has been published in The Jerusalem Review, Ariel, The New York Quarterly, Shirim and The Literary Review, among others.


New River Dramatists


A program of stories, plays, and poetry co-produced with New River Dramatists.

New River Dramatists, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, is a not-for-profit project that distinguishes itself in that it is looking for writers to assist, not works to produce. Engaging writers on the strength of their individual talents instead of the potential merit of a single piece, payment of Honoraria to all participants, the absence of casting and the commitment to process first are among many factors that, taken all together, make New River Dramatists unique.