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Season 1, Ep.2 : David Sharps, Waterfront Barge Museum

David Sharps is the captain of the Waterfront Barge Museum, located in a historic railroad barge on the waterfront of Red Hook, Brooklyn. Sharps has lived through New York's maritime history, during its prosperous shipping days in Brooklyn, the downturn of the waterfront, and the current day renewal. He's spent over half of his life on the barge where he has raised his family. Sharps chats about the history of the barge, how the decline of barges prompted him to create the museum, and how the barge fared during Hurricane Sandy. The Waterfront Barge Museum has become a staple of the Red Hook community, and is home to many events from pirate balls, educational tours, and puppet shows. It serves as a platform for preserving the history of all barges, and bringing together waterway lovers of all sorts.


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