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Arab Skank: Encounters in Dub

Past programs on Electric Kahraba have looked at the history of synthesizers in Arab music, as well as contemporary sampling culture in experimental music from the region; both of which were, to varying degrees, influenced by Jamaican Dub music, especially production techniques and innovations that changed the world of recording. But culture is always a two way street; and Arab skank, it seems, is also a potent pollinator. This program is going to flip the script and look at early Dub and Reggae from the late 60s through the early 80s that was influenced by the Arab world in one way or another. Influences range from direct melodic appropriation of Arab music, to the impact of current events and politics on Dub's signature sounds – from orientalist fantasy, to the oil crisis of '73, and everything in between. Prepare yourself for Dub encounters of the first kind.

In this program, you will hear:

• Fabulous Five Inc. - Arab Skank (Fabulous Five Inc., 1973)
• John Holt - Ali Baba (Like A Bolt, 1973)
• Ernest Ranglin - Lee Arab (Freedom Sounds, 1970)
• Augustus Pablo - Arabian Rock (This is Augustus Pablo, 1974)
• Duke Reid - Arabian Dub (Treasure Dub, 197?)
• Prince Hammer - Desert Rat Dub (World War Dub Part 1, 1979)
• I Roy - Hijacking (7", 1973)
• Bunny Wailer - Arabs Oil Weapon (7", 1974)
• Dr. Alimantado - Oil Crisis (sons of Thunder, 1981)
• General Echo - Oil In Babylon (Rocking and Swing, 1979)
• Scientist - Invasion of Iraq (World at War, 1981)
• Yabby U and the Prophets - Beirut Massacre (African Queen, 1982)
• Willie Lindo - Old Beirut (Double Dynamite, 1979)
• The Twinkle Brothers - Road to Damascus (Dub Massacre part 2, 1983)
• The Abyssinians - Jerusalem (7", 1969)
• Dub Specialist - Cairo (African Rub 'A' Dub, 1980)
• The Revolutionaries, Egyptian In Dub (Conquerors in Dub, 1978)
• Bernie Lyon - Egyptian Ladies (I'm Living In The Sunshine, 1982)
• Original Rockers - Arabian Style (Strings, 1983)
• Prince Far I and the Arabs- Abderrahmane (Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter One, 1978)
• King Tubby & Augustus Pablo - Borderline Dub ("Rastafari Dub, 1974)


Electric Kahraba


Searching for unique sounds of independent Middle Eastern Music, J. Namy aka Electric Kahraba, brings together contemporary and traditional music from the region.