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AASF: Enrol Yourself

A recording of Zahra of Enrol Yourself in conversation with host Jake Nussbaum, discussing discipline, DIY tactics, teaching yourself, using your peers to learn, sharing, youtube lessons, rewards-based learning, and games.

Enrol Yourself
London, United Kingdom

If you can challenge your physical endurance in the name of a good cause, then you can do the same with your creative capacities. Set out on a learning marathon. Design your route. Crowd-source support. Get the structure you need to see it through.

A learning marathon is a way to harness the potential of peer groups, infinite content and a networked world for personalised, flexible lifelong learning. We offer a six month learning marathon for those who want to challenge their creative abilities alongside their professional practice. You might want to re-design school systems, imagine a post-capitalist world through performance, or code your way to Mars. Either the specific course you need doesn’t exist, the field is moving faster than the institution, or you’re simply excited about learning by stepping into the unknown.

Why did we start this?
The call for unprecedented creativity in response to challenges is coming from every direction. Alternative models for learning are springing up in answer. The world of work is changing and there is lots of discussion about how we will need to learn continually across our lives. We are piloting our first peer group of proactive learners, each designing their curriculums according to their needs, and supporting each other to keep momentum. We started this because we wanted to do it ourselves, and we are participating in our own pilot.

Why are people enrolling?
They want to continually hone their ability to respond to challenges large and small.
They need structure to learn that skill or start that project, and don’t want to quit their professional practice in order to get it.
They want to bring their transdisciplinary interests together and designing their own curriculum allows them to do it.
They want a determined cohort to work with.
They want to explore and question the role of education and learning in current and future society.


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