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The Alternative Art School Fair Radio

The Alternative Art School Fair at Pioneer Works presents an introduction to alternative art schools from around the US and the world, November 19-20, 2016. The entire event, including workshops, discussions, and keynote presentations by Carol Becker, Luis Camnitzer, Craig Wilkins and Dorothea Rockburne, will be streamed live and archived on


Art education is a reflection of social and cultural evolution; it engages with structures of meaning-making and considers different frameworks for experience. The impetus to create an alternative art school is rooted not only in a desire to create “better” art, but to create the conditions for greater freedom of expression. Often run as free, artist-run initiatives, the values and visions of alternative art schools vary widely in methodology, mission and governance. But even when they are relatively small in scale they provide vital models of cultural critique and experimentation. Listening Schedule: November 19 Keynote panel -- 12:00-1:30PM Carol Becker Luis Camnitzer Dorothea Rockburne Victoria Sobel Interviewer/Moderator: Catherine Despont How can alternative systems impact traditional arts education? -- 2-3:30PM Ox-Bow Daniel Bozhkov School of the Future Interviewer/Moderator: Regine Basha Art and Democracy -- 3:45-5:15PM UNIDEE The Black Mountain School UOIEA (Anna Craycroft) Interviewer/Moderator: Provisions Library Self-Governance as Pedagogy: Of Other Spaces -- 5:30-7:30PM Art and Law Program Interviewer/Moderator: Associate Director Lauren van Haaften-Schick Art & Law Program Fellows: Abram Coetsee & Alex Strada (Fall 2016), Damien Davis (Spring 2016) November 20 Keynote -- 12:00-1:30PM Dr. Craig L. Wilkins, PhD, RA Hybrid Practice -- 2:00-3:30PM SFPC Zz School of Print Media Southland Institute Interviewer/Moderator: Archeworks Responsive Programming: A Conversation Between The Ventriloquist Summerschool and Sheila Levrant de Bretteville -- 3:45-5:15PM The Ventriloquist Summerschool Sheila Levrant de Bretteville (Re)incorporating Art in Everyday Life -- 5:30-7:00PM Chad Laird (Sunview Luncheonette) Tal Beery (School of Apocalypse) Tatfoo Tan (NERTM) Moderator/Interviewer: Grizedale Arts


AASF: Keynote Panel: Imagining a School
AASF: How can alternative systems impact traditional arts education?
AASF: Art and Democracy
AASF: Keynote: The Architecture of Arts Education
AASF: Hybrid Practice
AASF: Responsive Programming
AASF: Re-Incorporating Art In Everyday Life
AASF: Arts Letters & Numbers
AASF: Enrol Yourself
AASF: Black Mountain School
AASF: Brooklyn Art Library
AASF: The Ventriloquist Summerschool
AASF: Geir Haraldseth, Sommerskolen
AASF: Dylan Gauthier w/ James Voorhies, Bureau for Open Culture
AASF: La Escuela ParaSitio / The Para-Site School