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AASF: Arts Letters & Numbers

The school of Arts Letters & Numbers in conversation with Jake Nussbaum, discussing communal living and construction, the immediacy of the moment, collaboration across discipline, starting a new institution, and mentors.

Arts Letters & Numbers
New York, USA

Arts Letters & Numbers is an emergent structure opening spaces within broad human and disciplinary geographies: spaces of participation, of communication, of reciprocity, for people and their works to listen to each other and the world.

It is a place of creative urgency and intensity, bringing diverse ways of knowing and forms of creative expression into direct proximity: artists, architects, poets, musicians, filmmakers, scientists, writers, composers, actors, dancers, theater directors (and many more).

All of this is working towards a new vision of education that is grounded in an ethics of inclusion that embraces a great diversity of ways of knowing, to create new linkages, new thought processes, new pathways of understanding embodying our best hopes and aspirations.

The transformations of our time contain great promises and great challenges; they call for new spaces for bringing together diverse voices, visions, forms of knowledge and expression, spaces to care for and strengthen the fibers of our social contract. They call for a place where a diversity of individuals can come together to co-construct questions and works of empathy, of ethics, of imagination, to explore our nuanced fragilities in our shared stories.


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