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A Thousand Masks

Adorn a thousand masks with the Friendly Ghost for an hour of shapeshifting revery. Parade through dark hallways, inhabit infinite forms, be reflected in the sounds of the cosmos baby, and fear not the wicked for they can't reach you at this number.

Pham Duy (Vietnam), Francis Bebey (Ghana), Max Roach, Miles Davis, Roscoe Mitchell, Jimmy Elledge, Candido Martinez (Cuba), Little Francisco Greaves (Cuba), Marie Laforet (France), Emmanuelle Parenin (France), Marion Brown (USA), Orchestra Ethiopia (Ethiopia).


Just The Facts and Pass The Bucket


Just The Facts and Pass The Bucket brings you music from the past, present, and future! A show that explores improvisation, free jazz, and experimentation through the medium of folk songs, oddities, and ancient traditions. Hosted by the Friendly Ghost aka Jake Nussbaum, a Brooklyn-based musician, artist, and producer for Clocktower Radio.