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Tania Ketenjian

Tania Ketenjian is a journalist, documentarian and sound artist from San Francisco, California. She is the Editor in Chief of the Radio Magazine "The Unobserved." Tania is also co-founder of Thin Air Media, a production company. Tania has contributed nationally and internationally to numerous radio stations, including NPR’s Day to Day, the BBC, CBC in Canada, ABC in Australia and RTE in Ireland. She is a member of the artist’s collective Quorum, where she contributes sound pieces for exhibitions, and she shares a studio space with artists collectively called Compound 21. Tania completed an audio documentary on Happiness, and co-produced the documentaries "Birth" and "Born," public radio documentaries looking at birth and the postpartum experience in America. Tania hosts and produces Sight Unseen, a program on the arts which airs on KALX in Berkeley and is syndicated on Resonance FM in London and Art on Air Radio, based in NY.