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"Noir City" and the Castro Theater

First broadcast Feb. 14, 2005

Are repertory film houses succumbing to Hi-Def TV? Host Tania Ketenjian gathers three people steeped in the experience of American art-house cinema to pump up its volume in one of the hungriest film-going cultures in the world.

Anita Monga was for many years the historic Castro Theater's chief programmer and is one of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic film historians in the west. Eddie Muller created the popular "Noir City" film festival three years ago for the historic Castro Theater. Last year, after new owners relieve Monga of her job, he moved the festival to Gary Meyer's almost equally historic Balboa Theater, its new home in San Francisco.


Our Correspondents: San Francisco


This series explores the artistic landmarks and icons that live in or visit host Tania Ketenjian's home town, San Francisco. Tania's first foray into radio began at WBAI-FM in New York where she contributed to City in Exile. She now has a weekly program, Sight Unseen, that airs in London and San Francisco. She is also a contributor to Public Radio International's Studio 360, the BBC, the BBC World Service, The Times UK and others. She makes documentaries and teaches audio production, sharing a studio with artists in the Mission district of San Francisco.