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Canyon Candy

Canyon Candy is a site-specific installation and immersive soundscape bringing to life a Western-themed music video collaboration between filmmaker Mike Anderson and the band Javelin. Canyon Candy features the debut screening of a 16-minute film of the same title by Mike Anderson, the result of a year-long collaboration between the artist and the band Javelin. Spaghetti westerns, cowboy fashion, and the sights and sounds of the Wild West inspired the band to create a themed song suite released on 7-inch vinyl. Anderson's installation at the Clocktower transports the viewer into the set of the film through a sprawling installation in the Main Gallery. Beginning with an entrance through a wind-washed cabin, followed by a winding walk in the canyon’s termite hills and cactus fields, visitors will encounter coyotes, campsites, big sky, and vignette sequences from the film. All paths lead to a saloon-style theater space featuring the full Canyon Candy film – the ideal cowboy den after a long walk through the canyon, complete with strawbale seating, gingham tablecloths, and sasparilla. Javelin has created a multi-channel surround-sound environment embedded in Anderson’s installation, both recreating the film's ambiance and animating the canyon’s vistas through sound effects including crickets, howling winds, and yodeling.