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David Colosi

David Colosi likes soccer and the saxophone and aspires to play them simultaneously. When he’s not petitioning the IOC to institute “Soccsophone” into the Olympic games, he makes Three-Dimensional Literature. He uses the radio to ask his friends questions like, "Why is there no hearse in Monopoly?"

After starting his education in Fisheries and Wildlife, failing both Chemistry and Zoology, and misidentifying lobster sperm through a microscope, Colosi decided to shift to a macro lens. He turned to the funnels of Art and Literature, both in practice and theory. His work since has been featured in New York at Cueto Project and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council; in Brussels at Galerie Catherine Bastide; in Switzerland in Art Statements at Art Basel; in Los Angeles at Highways Performance Space Gallery; and Tokyo at the Proto Theater. He has been an artist-in-residence in New York at Pioneer Works and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Art Center on Governors Island; in Florida at the Fountainhead Residency and Atlantic Center for the Arts; and in France at Le Centre Du Monde in Belle Ile-en-mer. He is the author of the novel Miss Pumpernickel Bread; the essay Towards a Three-Dimensional Literature, Part 1; a collection of poems, Laughing Blood; and started The Center for Three-Dimensional Literature ( In 2009 he received a Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award.


Napping Wizard

David Colosi, our titular wizard, weaves magical conversations with artists from all over the map of mediums and genres.


Jeremy Sigler, My Vibe

Host David Colosi sits down with Jeremy Sigler to talk about … poetry. In My Vibe, through the device of hyper-personal prose poems, Sigler explores the loneliness of the poet.


Hidemi Takagi

Host David Colosi talks to artist Hidemi Takagi about her photo and video projects. Growing up in Japan, she adored American films from the 1950s and ‘60s. The George Lucas classic American Graffiti made a significant impression. Her projects reflect this influence as she recreates that characteristic vibrancy and hyper-saturation of color as a nostalgic throwback to what was then her future dream of America. As a resident of New York City since 1997, living in various neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn, she finds the established cultures within her new homes – the Dominican population in Washington Heights, barbershop culture in Bed-Stuy, a senior home in Crown Heights – and photographs the color, joy and life of the people who came from diverse communities around the world to become Americans in this city. Visit her website here.


Mark Mothersbaugh, Myopia

David Colosi speaks with Mark Mothersbaugh about Myopia, broken instruments and De-evolution. Myopia is on view at The Grey Art Gallery at New York University from April 26 - July 15, 2017.



David Colosi, with the accompaniment of Jake Nussbaum, compiles a DEVO tribute as a companion to his interview with Mark Mothersbaugh.


Stage Wisdom

David Colosi digs through his live music collection and edits gems of wisdom musicians shared mid-performance with their audiences.