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Jeremy Sigler, My Vibe

Host David Colosi sits down with Jeremy Sigler to talk about … poetry.

Jeremy and David explore questions that arise from My Vibe: In the poet’s attempt to reach an audience, can one avoid succumbing to self-censorship, on the one hand, and fabricated outrageousness on the other while remaining true to oneself, flaws and all, and leave the campsite unmarred for the next campers? Are the dual desires to be read and to remain invisible at odds? Today, how does persona construction differ between a self-revealing literary book and a social media identity? What’s the impact of a poetry book footprint any more? 


In My Vibe, through the device of hyper-personal prose poems, Sigler explores the loneliness of the poet. With reference to Cheech and Chong, Marcel Duchamp, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Peter Saul, Franz Kafka and others from his vast knowledge, in this conversation and in My Vibe Sigler takes us on a slapstick Broken Flowers-esque journey of the poet (and maybe Poetry itself) in mid-life crisis, reminiscing, revisiting and rewriting personal scenes of failed rock-n-roll, sports and sexual attempts, savoring the joys of married life and parenthood while comically entertaining the desire to remain a sole and smooth operator.

His pants come off and stick to the wall, slices of American cheese are dyed black and scaled to wrestling mats and the swimming pool becomes the site of a confrontation with Heath Ledger. Like Freddie Mercury who is the only musician Jeremy knows who carried along with the mic half of the stand “like a Shakespearean dagger,” Sigler is the only poet Colosi knows of who utilizes an intern for dictation.


Jeremy Sigler is a poet based in Brooklyn, NY where he has lived since 1991. His new collection of writings, My Vibe, is published by Spoonbill Books. He has written numerous collections of poetry, including To And To and Mallet Eyes published by Left Hand Books; Crackpot Poet published by Black Square Editions; and ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ published by Kingsboro Press/For the Common Good.


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