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Nancy Nowacek

Nancy Nowacek is the host of the CB Radio series; a program about New York's waterways. 


CB Radio

CB Radio was inspired by the research, design, and development of Citizen Bridge, a temporary floating bridge to reconnect New Yorkers to their waterways. 


Season 2, Ep.1 : Murray Fisher, Billion Oyster Project

This season of CB Radio explores the waterways that make up New York's 6th Borough. Starting with Governors Island, in the center of the harbor, our hosts make their way farther north to the navy yard, Newtown CreekHunt's Point, and circle back down to Coney Island and Jamaica Bay.


Season 2, Ep.3 : Maria Aiolova, Terreform One

Maria Aiolova is part of Terreform One - a group of architects working to expand upon and illuminate the environmental possibilities in New York City. What does that mean? Answers to this question and more in this episode of CB Radio.


Season 2, Ep.2 : José Soegaard, Waterfront Alliance

For this episode of CB Radio, our hosts join José SoegaardDirector of Programs and Policy, at the Waterfront Alliance. 


Season 2, Ep.4 : Matthew Friday, SPURSE

For this episode of CB Radio, hosts interview Matthew Friday--an educator and transdisciplinary artist whose research focuses on the development of apparatuses and systems that examine and provoke new political ecologies.


Season 2, Ep.6 : Marina Zurkow and Bob Braine

This episode features media artist Marina Zurkow, who's work explores near-impossible nature-culture intersections, researching “wicked problems” like invasive species and superfund sites.


Season 2, Ep.7 : Helen Georgas and Nicole Miller, Underwater NY

The CB Radio team is joined by Helen Georgas and Nicole Miller to discuss their project Underwater New York; a digital journal of writing, art, and music inspired by the waterways that surround New York City and the objects submerged within them.


Season 2, Ep.5 : Christy Gast, Contested Landscapes

CB Radio hosts interview artist Christy Gast whose work across media reflects her interest in issues of economics and the environment, and the role of content in giving meaning to the experience and form of the work.