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Lea Bertucci

Lea Bertucci is an American sound artist, composer and performer whose work describes relationships between acoustic phenomena and biological resonance. Her work often incorporates multi-channel speaker arrays, electroacoustic feedback, extended instrumental and vocal technique, also tape collage.

As an instrumentalist, she takes an idiosyncratic approach to the amplification of woodwind instruments, creating organic yet electrified sonic interventions. Her debut solo LP, Resonance Shapes, was released in 2013 on the Obsolete Units label and has been praised by A Closer Listen as "A grand exploration of the possibilities inherent in sound”.

She is a 2016 MacDowell Fellow in composition and a 2015 ISSUE Project Room Artist-in-Residence. Her discography includes a number of solo and collaborative releases on various underground independent labels in the US and Europe, most recently, Axis/Atlas, on Clandestine Compositions.


Site : Sound, A Sonic Portrait

A sonic portrait of performances, site-specific lectures, and acousting happenings from series Site : Sound.


Knockdown Center Radio Channel

A series highlighting lectures and presentations on social and cultural issues produced by Knockdown Center, and made available here in partnership with Clocktower Radio.


Beachside Happening Pt.2 : Julia Santoli and Lea Bertucci

This episode of Site : Sound takes us off the grid for a sonic happening and acoustic intervention at a bunker in Fort Tilden, Rockaway.



Since the 1970s, quadraphonic sound has been discarded by the commercial audio world, only to be adopted by experimental composers and sound artists. Almost fifty years later, as we find ourselves in a state of technological saturation, what does it mean to continue the use of quad? Presented in collaboration with Lea Bertucci at Pioneer Works, sound artists explore four varying approaches to quadraphonic sound and its mesmeric effects in performance and 4-channel video work, centered around a specially designed quadraphonic cello. WARNING: There will be strobe lights at the last performance at 10:20PM RSVP: HERE


Site : Sound / Beachside Happening at Fort Tilden

Site : Sound series takes us off-the-grid for a sonic happening and acoustic intervention at an undisclosed location in Fort TildenRockawayPresented by Clocktower and Lea Bertucci, on Saturday, May 272017 at 1PM.


Site : Sound at Knockdown Center

Site : Sound is a series of intimate site-specific lectures, sonic-spatial interventions, and performances, which took place across New York, from April 23 to June 25, 2017.


Site : Sound / Knockdown Center Showcase

Join us at Knockdown Center for a culminating exhibition and showcase, staged as a sonic portrait and re-telling of the Site : Sound series. Presented by Clocktower and Lea Bertucci on Saturday, June 25, 2017.


Impulse Response : Daniel Neumann

Daniel Neumann's experimental lecture explores the relationship of sound to the passage of time and one's experience of the present.


Virtual Sounds : Anne Guthrie

Lecture No.2 of series Site : Sound  features a site-specific lecture by Anne Guthrie on May 21, 2017 at the Arup Soundlab in Lower Manhattan, NY. 


Prismatic Park Series, Lea Bertucci

Blank FormsAdrian Rew is joined by sound artist, composer, and woodwind player/extended technician Lea Bertucci. The two discuss a survey of Bertucci's recent work in anticipation of her weeklong public residency as part of Madison Square Park's Prismatic Park series.


Anechoic Sounds : Lori Napoleon (Antenes)

Lecture No.3 of the Site : Sound series features muscian Lori Napoleon (Antenes), who lead a demonstration exploring the concept of silence and the psychoacoustic effects of anechoic (echo-less) sound on our senses over time.


Knockdown Center : Ashcan Orchestra

Performing live at Knockdown Center for Site : Sound's culminating showcase, Ashcan Orchestra delivered a spellcasting performance featuring a sound-responsive light show, bells, operatic vocals, and more.


Knockdown Center : Eli Keszler

As the final act of the evening, composer, and percussionist Eli Keszler delivered a powerful solo performance; situated just off the main stage in the heart of Knockdown Center


Knockdown Center : Lea Bertucci

Site : Sound curator and multi-instrumental composer, Lea Bertucci, delivers a performance of looped vocals and saxophone--orchestrating each interchangeably.