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Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Sam Miller

Pete McCabe talks with the President of The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Sam Miller, and Special Projects Manager, Erin Donnelly. They describe this history and purpose of the council, how it works with scores of Manhattan's art organizations, and the many grants they issue to arts organizations and individuals. They also discuss a project which they initiated called Access Restricted, which provides a series of tours and presentations on architecture and history which take place in places that are usually inaccessible to the public ( is a partner in this effort, posting the talks in our archive).
(27 minutes)


Radio Profiles


This is a collaborative community project featuring an ever-expanding collection of short audio portraits of organizations, spaces, and activities as described by the people who manage them. The goal of Radio Profiles is to provide information, generate interest, and expand audiences for New York City culture. Radio Profiles is a project of AIR - with archives from WPS1 - and originally developed in association with The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, BOMB Magazine, and The Film-Makers' Cooperative. We welcome all to participate. Cultural groups can email us to set up a recording session.

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC)


LMCC brings art where it’s least expected and engages the ideas of the moment by exploring the links between culture and capital. LMCC curates and commissions art installations, produces and presents performances, and champions the arts as a vital component in creating and maintaining a vibrant community in Manhattan. LMCC grant programs award over $500,000 annually to enable over 200 arts projects across all disciplines throughout Manhattan. Lower Manhattan Cultural Council remains at the forefront of Downtown’s creative sector, linking artists with new audiences and sustaining Manhattan’s vast and vibrant arts community. The Website for Lower Manhattan Cultural Council is We gratefully acknowledge the generous partnership with LMCC for providing with these programs for our listeners.