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Yokohama Trienniale 2005

A special program on the Yokohama Triennale 2005 (Oct. 28-Dec. 18) with its theme of Art Circus and action program Jumping from the Ordinary. The program's special reporter is Alanna Heiss, Director of the Clocktower Gallery, who contributes eight interviews with artists on the exhibition site (Shigeo Anzai, Japan; Miguel Calderon, Mexico; Shaun Gladwell, Australia; SOI group, Thailand; Long March, China; Craig Walsh, Australia; Nari Ward, Jamaica; and Yuken Teruya, Okinawa, Japan). Heiss and ARTonAIR's Tokyo correspondent Kazue Kobata also have a real art-mafia talk (pajama party) with the Triennale's Artistic Director Tadashi Kawamata, and guest Jonathan Watkins, Director of the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK. The Triennale is characterized by its free-form festive and cheerful atmosphere interfacing everyday life and art-for-everyone on one hand, and mature and serious art on the other, such as in works by Chen Zen, Daniel Buren and Tadasu Takamine.


Our Correspondents: Tokyo


Tokyo correspondent Kazue Kobata delivers the latest culture from Japan.