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Wordspeak Music, Vol.1

Edwin Torres hosts a short tribute to verbal and rhythmic fireworks with Eric Dolphy's Improvisations And Tukras from his classic album Other Aspects; The Spirit, Kamau Daa'ood's incendiary performance with Billy Higgins on drums; Non Compos Mentis by Haiku D'Etat, the brilliant and rare recording by the virtuosic emcees of Freestyle Fellowship; Explosive by Diverse - collaborating with the explosively breathless Lyrics Born - and Amiri Baraka with DJ Spooky on Black Dada Nihilismus.

A Tasty Lack of Think is a suite of 3 radio plays written and performed by Edwin Torres and Sharon Mesmer playing the characters Auntie Intellectual and PeePee Cousin. This part was engineered by Fred Stesney at See-It-In-Sound Studio, New York and produced by Edwin.


Live Nude Radio Theatre


Live Nude Radio Theatre is a free form radio show with poet host Edwin Torres. Torres is author of "The All-Union Day Of The Shock Worker" (Roof Books), "Fractured Humorous" (Subpress), "Please" (Faux Press) and "Onomalingua" (Rattapallax Press). He is also included in The Best American Poetry 2004 (Scribner) , and is co-editor of the poetry journal Rattapallax. His current CD, NOVO, is available through