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With Love from Puerto Rico

Nickodemus writes: From 2000 to 2007, we were part of a small music revolution in San Juan, Puerto Rico; one that merged local musicians (Sammy Ayala, Tempo Alomar, Georgie Cruz, Polito Huerta, Javier Rivera, Emilio Valez, Pedro Bermudez, Polito Huerta, Giovanni Hidalgo, Zoe Velez, Diego Centeno, Pupi Santiago and many more) with both local and international electronic producers (Local 12, Ausubo, myself, Osiris, Quantic, Bronx River Parkway ((Truth & Soul)), Simbad, Osunlade, Afronaut, Seiji, IG Culture, 4 Hero, Neon Phusion Orin, Mattias Heilbronn, John Beltran, Mobius and more...).

Pablo Rodriguez started Candela Recordings to release some of these collaborations made in his and our makeshift studios. Over these years, lots of magic was performed, recorded, released, lost and found. I realized during my February 2012 trip to San Juan, that the memories were still fresh as ever and how this special moment in time should not be forgotten. This could be part one of a series of the Calle San Sebastian sessions. I'm sure there's some music files lurking in the cracks of those cobblestone streets that need to resurface, as well as plenty of new collaborations to be created!

Nickodemus dedicates this mix to Ausubo and all the musicians and producers who got busy in the studio over the years trying to tell a story from San Juan to the World.


Turntables on the Hudson Radio


After sharing thousands of songs on dance floors around the World for the past 15 years, we felt it was time to give Turntables on the Hudson's Nickodemus his first steady radio show to share in the experience to a wider audience! Nickodemus and guests will regularly appear here to paint an audio collage of past events with live mixes, as well as future sounds from the worldwide eclectic dance music spectrum. Visit: