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William S. Burroughs: The Making of Naked Lunch (1975)

Breakfast with Lunch, the focus of a 1975 program produced by Charles Ruas at WBAI-FM in New York. It contains matchless readings by author William S. Burroughs, plus a fascinating discussion led by Allen Ginsberg, and including publisher Maurice Girodias, James Grauerholz, and Carl Solomon discussing the publication of Burroughs' best-known novel, Naked Lunch. An introduction to the influence of Jack Keroac on Burroughs is provided by the remarkable Felicity Mason (aka Anne Cumming), the professed "adoptive" sister of Brion Gysin.


Historic Audio from the Archives of Charles Ruas


An unparalleled collection of recovered and restored programs from the seventies produced by Charles Ruas, and featuring Allen Ginsberg, John Giorno, Anaïs Nin, William Boroughs, Buckminster Fuller, Sylvia Plath, Pablo Neruda, and Jorge Luis Borges, among numerous others.