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What happened to Sandra Bland? Why did the court of public opinion investigate Bill Cosby only after Hannibal Buress mentioned those decades old assault allegations in his standup? What is Missy Elliot doing? Why is there a regressive wage gap between men and women? How come, in 2013, two thirds of LGBT homicide victims were transgender women of color? Why did Diane Sawyer clutch her pearls when Ruth Bader Ginsburg suggested that all 9 Supreme Court Justices could be women? Why is Michelle Obama, like, the flyest First Lady, ever? Why are only 14.2% of the top five leadership positions at the companies in the S&P 500, held by women? Was Bobbi Kristina murdered? Why is the woman on that subway ad frowning with two lemons and smiling with two grapefruits? Why they gotta bring citrus into all this? Why is Zora Neale Hurston, one of the most important writers in the history of the United States, buried in an unmarked grave? How come a 6-pack of Hanes women’s white cotton briefs costs $7.24 and dudes can get a 7-pack of white cotton briefs for only 50 cents more? Why does Nicki Manaj think she’s original? Why is 17-year-old Kylie Jenner dating a 25-year-old person? And, most importantly, WHO YOU CALLIN’ A BITCH?!? k(Rob), Doe Derek, and Rev Rome get down to the bottom of some of the dirtiest questions and talk some serious trash...

AUNTIE TEAM is the collaborative duo of Doreen Garner and Kenya (Robinson). Established in early 2015, nascent forms of their work can be traced back to Skowhegan 2014, where they were both participants. Armed with a rigorous approach to their individual practices, together they address disposability (consumer and social), expressions of the feminine and performative "realness".




#trashDAY hosts and visual artists Kenya (Robinson) and Doreen Garner elevate the vernacular of urban fiction, reality television, gossip publications, social dance, and fashion, and use it as a point of departure for satire and social commentary.