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Sixty-six percent of households in 2012 were family households, down from 81 percent in 1970. And the proportion of one-person households increased by 10 percentage points, from 17 percent to 27 percent, during that same time period, thereby proving that people lie on the census. With all these Sons, Dawtas, Muvas, Aunt Vivs, and Uncle Snoops, not to mention Mother Goose, Mother Nature, Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, Uncle Sam and Father Time - the whole world is one big happy dysfunctional family.

So, as Thankstaking approaches, play cousins Doe Derek, k(Rob), and special guest Daromi invite you to the ultimate sonic family reunion. Breaking out cold cuts that magnetize the drunkest of uncles to the dance floor, for that old-man-two-step. Pimps by blood or re-lay-shun, whatever your notion of family, we can agree that these are the folks capable of side eyeing you to submission for some you-ought-to-know-better transgression, or slapping the mess out of any outsider that deigns to call you out on the same offense.




#trashDAY hosts and visual artists Kenya (Robinson) and Doreen Garner elevate the vernacular of urban fiction, reality television, gossip publications, social dance, and fashion, and use it as a point of departure for satire and social commentary.