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Venice 2011: the Italian Pavilion issue(s)

Zefrey Throwell interviews Luca La Banca of Art Tribune. They discuss the controversial installation at this year's Italian Pavilion, organized by Italian curator, art critic, politician, and television personality Vittorio Sgarbi, who has packed the space -sometimes ceiling-high- with work by over 250 Italian artists. Luca explains that the seemingly (or is it?) haphazard curatorial style of the pavilion focuses on the curator as artist, and uses participating artists and their work as a vehicle for the promotion of the curator's presence, effectively making the content and participants of the exhibition secondary, if not irrelevant. Is it genius? Is it so bad it's good? Is it just bad? Make up your mind here.


Venice Biennale


Round table discussions to interviews to DJ sets to virtual pavilions rendered in music and sound. With Kara Walker, Carolee Shneeman, Joan Jonas, Michelangelo Pistoletto, and more.