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Turner Williams Jr.

Artist and musician Turner Williams Jr. of Ramble Tamble and Guardian Alien, and master of the amazing "shahai baaja," an electrified zither which has been modified with typewriter keys that de-tune several strings, plus 12 additional unfretted strings that drone sympathetically, plays live at the Clocktower Gallery. Followed by an interview with Joe Ahearn.

Guardian Alien is a virtuosic psychedelic band that employs heavy polyrhythmic drumming, dense drones, exotic instrumentation. The band was started by multi-instrumentalist and drummer Greg Fox (Zs, Ben Frost Trio, ex-Teeth Mountain, ex-Dan Deacon Ensemble, ex-Liturgy) and features Alexandra Drewchin on vocals and electronics, Bernard Gann (also Liturgy) on guitar, Turner Williams Jr. on shahai baaja, and Eli Winograd on bass.


Emerging Underground


Delving deep into the the underground music scene, Clocktower hosts listen, comment, question and probe to get the latest and greatest of what's bubbling in the music scene. From jazz to metal to rock and all musical experiments in between, our hosts wade through the unknown areas of music to find, play, and interview the best new artists from way-out of the mainstream.