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Toni Dove, Spectropia

Toni Dove’s Spectropia is best described as a live-mix cinema event; performed using a "scratchable" database of movie clips--from a script directed and shot by Dove--and manipluated using a software-based video playback machine created by project software designer R. Luke DuBois. The two sat down with Clocktower Program Director David Weinstein to discuss the project and listen to the music soundtrack by collaborator Elliott Sharp.

Spectropia is a sci-fi hybrid featuring time travel, telepathy, and elements of film noir in a drama set in England, 2099 and in New York City, 1931, following the Great Crash. Onstage with three screens, Dove and DuBois direct character mages using a system of motion sensing that serves as a cinematic instrument, creating a narrative form that is part video game, part feature film, and part VJ mashing. The audience sees through characters eyes, hears their interior thoughts, and virtual characters break the wall speaking live to the audience.

Editor's note: This program was recorded in advance of the May 4-5, 2012 performance run at Roulette in Brooklyn. The part originally performed by singer Debbie Harry has since been reassigned to Barbara Sukowa for this live show.

Roulette May 4, 2012 performed by Toni Dove and R. Luke DuBois
Roulette May 5, 2012 performed by Toni Dove, R. Luke Dubois, Elliott Sharp & the 31 Band (Briggan Kraus, Nate Wooley, Art Baron, Curtis Fowlkes, Steve Swell, Anthony Coleman, David Hofstra, Don McKenzie) with special guest Barbara Sukowa.


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