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The Noise Edition

Found audio is an endangered species as it is, but the sound collected in the following two-part Noise Edition should have been thrown away years ago! White noise, over modulation, jumbled mics, technical difficulties, loose cords and faulty equipment interfere with the message. But, as the great philosopher Confusedshit once said, "It's not the tool's fault but the fool." You be the Judge.

In the second half of the Noise Edition we will be listening to sixty years of mic checks. Taken from records and reel to reels to cassette tapes and computers are people's first dry runs on their equipment. Also in this edition we have a special guest Robert Belott who will shed some light on the important role of
Dumbkirk in WWII. Please enjoy this madcap noise-a-thon.


Lost and Found Sound


Found-audio archivist and multi-media artist Brian Belott and partner Peter Pezzimenti host this series of lost recordings, abandoned tapes, forgotten disks, orphaned voices, errata, garbage, and random audio documentation of American detritus and treasure.