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The Music Box, New Orleans

Joe Ahearn sits down with a group of artists and musicians that have contributed to The Music Box, at the site specific project in New Orleans. The project's curator, Delaney Martin, describes it as “a shantytown-sound laboratory.” Constructed from a hog-podge of metal and wood material, culled from the likes of Creole shanty-huts and remnants from hurricane aftermath, the polyphonic, haunting music reflects the space in which it was created.

Contributors Taylor Shepard, Benjamin Mortimer, Japanther, Ranjit Bhatnagar, Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels, Matt Reilly, Tom of Javelin, and Martin discuss their work with the project and demo some of the music that came from The Music Box.

Music and site recordings heard on this show includes:
• A stroll through town (audio portrait of Music Box)
• Water Organ, by Jayme Kalal
• Dithyrambalina/The Music Box: Lookout Tower Drone Organ by Benjamin Mortimer
• Thurston Moore & Rob Cambre
• Quintron Orchestra waltz
• Dithyrambalina/The Music Box: Nightingale House by Ranjit Bhainagan and Sara Victoria Bothwell Fels
• Japanther & Guests
• Bywater Boys & Japanther
• Marshall LaCount Doppler
• Javelin Mix 1
• Javelin Mix 2
• Rocking Chair
• Quintron Orchestra: Sharks v. Dolphins
• Luke Winslow King Orchestra


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