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The Hollywood Museum, Pt. 1 (In the Historic Max Factor Building)

On her visit to the Hollywood Museum in the historic Max Factor Building for the exhibit Barbra Streisand: The Legacy Collection, host Laura Craven sits down for a fascinating conversation with Donelle Dadigan, founder and President of the Museum. The Streisand show runs through May 14, 2006. (12 minutes)


Listening to Los Angeles


The vibrant cultural scene in Los Angeles is bursting with creative energy. Host Laura Craven travels around metropolitan Los Angeles uncovering the mysteries and discovering thriving art scenes in all corners of the city and its environs. From the Los Angeles County Museum to a sculpture studio in Pasadena, Laura meets and interviews some of the most interesting and creative artists living and working here. The subjects on this program include muralists in Latino neighborhoods, painters in the Valley, gallerists in Santa Monica and museum curators at art museums great and small. Like the city itself, the Los Angeles art scene is a patchwork of small communities connecting to create a large and colorful tapestry. When you're Listening to Los Angeles, you never know where you will find yourself!