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The Colab Vinyl Mix

A mix of no-wave, hip hop, anti-pop, punk, funk, and noise that provided the soundtrack to the Colab art productions and disruptions of the 1980s, assembled by Sandra Seymour, Mark C, and Robert Goldman (Bobby G). This playlist accompanied the reconstruction of the A. More Store art shop at Printed Matter, on view and for sale (April 15-May 15, 2016). Captured from the original vinyl by the producers, these are 80 minutes of raw, inspired, influential, and enduring sounds that illustrate the world of such legendary projects as The Times Square Show, The Real Estate Show, ABC No Rio, Fashion Moda, and one of the great efforts of artist activism in history.

Here's your tracklist:
Contortions - James White and the Blacks, Contort Yourself
Mars, 3E
Theoretical Girls, You Got Me
DNA, Blonde Redhead
DNA, New New
Sandra Seymour, Dogs (Excerpt from Just Another Asshole #5)
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Orphans
Suicide - Alan Vega, Martin Rev, Ghost Ride
The Static, Don’t Let Me Stop You
Bush Tetras, Snakes Crawl
Y Pants, That’s the Way Boys Are
Lady B, To the Beat Ya’ll
Imply, Holland Tunnel Dive
Lounge Lizards, Do the Wrong Thing
Liquid Liquid, Cavern
ESG, Moody
Spoon Gee, A Drive Down the Street I Was Spanking and Freaking
Robert Goldman (Bobby G), Times Sq. Show Audio (Excerpt from Just Another Asshole #5)
Paul McMahon, Turtles Travel Slower on Asphalt (from Just Another Asshole #5)
Robin Crutchfield’s Dark Day, Hand in the Dark
Mark C and Marnie Greenholz Jaffe, Bad Hospital
Konk, Soka-Loka-Moki
Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force, Planet Rock