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The Ballads of Muhammad Ali

A celebration of the music inspired by the legend, the Champ, the Greatest… Muhammad Ali. The man, and what he stood for, touched so many people, and like any great legend, inspired countless ballads sung in his honor. Hear a selection of songs written for and by the boxer, by no means a comprehensive list, this tribute is meant to survey the wide range of music dedicated to his legacy over the years.

In this program you will hear:
• Cassius Clay - Stand By Me
• Eddie Curtis - The Louisville Lip (He's the Greatest)
• Le Stim - A Tribute to Muhammad Ali
• Alvin Cash - Doin' the Ali Shuffle
• Don Covay - Rumble In the Jungle
• Mandrill & Michael Masser - Ali Bombaye, Zaire Chant I
• Dennis Alcapone - Muhammad Ali AKA George Formean
• Dr Ali Mantado - I Am The Greatest Says Muhammad Ali
• Scientist with The Forces of Music - Muhammad Ali
• Sir Coxson Sound - Tribute to Muhammad Ali
• Derrick Morgan - Black Superman
• Trinity - Muhammad Ali
• The Adventures of Ali and his Gang Vs Mr Tooth Decay
• Muhammed Ali introduces his favorite song - Child of the Wilderness
• Caetano Veloso - Um Indio
• Maraes Moreira - Feito Muhammad Ali
• Bob Dylan - I Shall Be Free No. 10
• Dermot Kelly - Muhammad Ali - The Ballad
• George Benson - The Greatest Love of All
• Trio Madjesi Sosoliso Titre - 8eme Round (Muhammad Ali's Rumble)
• Miles Davis - Ali (take 4)
• Yosuke Yamashita Trio - Clay