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Ted Purves, Susanne Cockrell, and Liz Thomas

Susanne Cockrell and Ted Purves (artists and professors at California College of the Arts) jump in the mix with the new Matrix curator for the Berkeley Art Museum, Liz Thomas. These three are unstoppable! Conversationally relaxed and quick as a diamond whip, the three of them toss around such topics as preserved food stuffs, the nature of lemons, the bastards of the private world, revisioning museums, and of course the big one of them all, DEATH. If you miss this interview, consider yourself officially uninformed. Conversation took place at San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery on March 1, 2008.


Frank Prattle with Zefrey Throwell


Frank Prattle is an interview-style radio show run by artist Zefrey Throwell. Throwell brings two people together (curators, gallerists, critics, collectors, artists, etc....) and they tackle everything under the sun. Frank Prattle is geared primarily towards community education. Its goal is to help people understand and enjoy the art world through the words of the art-stars, professionals, and enthusiasts who live it everyday.