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Ted Dodson, At The National Monument Always Today

Poet Ted Dodson and Pioneer Works bookstore manager and MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) publishing series editor Zach White step into the studio for a reading of, and conversation about, Dodson's newly released MIMO book of poetry, At the National Monument / Always Today. The pair discuss the goals of the MIMO series and its connection to the fabled GR3750 Risograph machine at Pioneer Works, as well as the importance of close collaboration between publisher and artist. Dodson delves into the genesis of his poem (born from a Facebook post of a friend standing at the National Monument), and talks about how social media distances us from the "present."

Multiple Input Multiple Output refers to a practical technique for sending and receiving more than one data signal simultaneously over the same channel. The series activates the unique possibilities and process of the risograph machine with small runs of pamphlets that are hand assembled by the authors.

The MIMO series launched on May 13, 2016 with two titles: Visions of Constantine by artist Christopher Kardambikis, and The Making of Gertrude Stein: Charles Ruas and Janet Hobhouse in Conversation, from Clocktower Radio’s archives.