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Tapemania #2

Independent tape labels Dull Tools, International Winners, Ramp Local, and Cryptic Carousel, joined Clocktower Radio for the Second Sundays open house at Pioneer Works. Throughout the day they shared their wares and played music to a constant stream of visitors to Clocktower's studio, and reverently discussed the function, and uniqueness, of the tape format.

Dull Tools is a New York based label started by Chris Pickering and Andrew Savage that create both tapes and vinyl, for an eclectic group of musicians where their music, not their web prescience, is their ethos.

Ramp Local is a record label based in Brooklyn, NY producing mostly cassettes. The label is an affiliate of Wharf Cat Records.

International Winners is a collective of friends who play music (mostly electronic based) in Brooklyn, NY. The collective organize shows, puts out releases, and make tapes.

Cryptic Carousel is currently based in Brooklyn, NY. The label specializes in the design, production, manufacturing, and distribution of esoteric visual and audio related materials.

Second Sundays is a monthly series of open studios, live music, and site-specific interventions hosted at Pioneer Works in Red Hook, Brooklyn, Clocktower's institutional partner.



Emerging Underground


Independent artists generating new music at this very moment.