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Synthesize Me, 2nd edition

Falling toward winter in the northern hemisphere as mother nature transforms trees from greens into a spectrum of colors; synthesizers are so apropos, transforming sound into a spectrum of frequencies. This set is for the headphones!

We start with a lush orchestral spectrum courtesy of Cinematic Orchestra's "Necrology"; "Low Riders In Space" by Shawn Lee from his latest album Synthesizers in Space kicks you into outer body mode, and into the cosmos we go further with "50,000 Lightyears" by Sputnik.

Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra massages the ears with a contemporary journey of "The Definition of Funk", on into 'the existential soul of Tim Maia's' "Rational Culture", the Brazilian soul man who, at the height of his fame, joined a UFO-obsessed religious cult. The soul synthesis journey gets dubbed out with "Brace Yourself" by Ramin Sakurai featuring Evan and remixed by Mocean Worker, and then gets Afro-synthesized with Antibales' "Dirty Money" into Sierra-Leonean's Bubu Muslim music fusion from Janka Nabay with "Jankey" and closing with Nickodemus and Afrika Bambaataa's "4 Alkebulan" taking us back to the motherland.


In the Hopper


In her DJ sets and on WBAI's Liquid Sound Lounge, DJ Jeannie Hopper gives independent artists, record labels and producers a chance to be heard.