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Surviving Sandy, JohnsonSarkissian

Photography team JohnsonSarkissian discuss their work with host Jeannie Hopper at the first exhibition of an unusual new work shown as part of the Brooklyn Rail-organized exhibit Come Together: Surviving Sandy (October-November 2013). is the official radio station for the exhibition and is operating a remote station on the site in Industry City.

JohnsonSarkissian photographed super storm Sandy from the eye of the storm in New Jersey through its devastating consequences across the Tristate area. For years Robert Johnson and Katherine Sarkissian have conducted fashion shoots and created editorial portraits for numerous lifestyle and culture publications. This never before seen selection of images captures the wreckage left in Sandy's wake in heart-wrenching detail and clarity. The beauty of each image often contrasts with the content framed by the camera's lens - from the officer pulling American flags from the rubble of a house to a boat lodged firmly in a garage, half a mile from sea.


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Artist, critic, and curator, Phong Bui, Co-Founder and Artistic Director of The Brooklyn Rail, a free monthly arts, culture, and politics journal interviews artists, curators, and booksellers.