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Steven Reker, People Get Ready

This episode of Teenage Kicks is co-hosted by Steven Reker, the leader of People Get Ready, a New York based band/performance troupe that is having a very busy 2012. Teenage Kicks creator Alec Hanley Bemis will release their full-length debut this month on his label Brassland, and the group will celebrate with three nights of performance at Manhattan's New York Live Arts and a concert at Brooklyn's Glasslands Gallery. More info & details at  


Teenage Kicks


Teenage Kicks is hosted by Alec Hanley Bemis, co-founder of New York's Brassland label and a producer who conceives and manages creative projects that make a global impact. Each episode is about an hour long. The musical themes may be clearer to him than they are to you but the selections will inevitably be intense and deeply felt.