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Spatial Sound Summer Sessions 2015

In Broadband Echos, Episode 02, members of the CT::SWaM collective reflect on Spatial Sound Summer Sessions 2015, a two-week series of presentations in a temporary multi-channel sound studio at Fridman Gallery.

Between August 16 - 31 2015 the Summer Sessions provided a platform for various studies, experiments, presentations, and exchange around spatial sound composition. Over 15 performances occurred and in this episode we highlight and discuss a selection of works by Leah Beeferman / Alfons Knogl, Gen Ken Montgomery, Jenn Grossman, Wolfgang Gil, Mene Savasta, David Moscovich feat. Beatriz Albuquerque / Cecily Iddings / Justin Maki / Daniel Neumann / Mike Topp; Federico Escalante, and Jukka Hautamäki.

Though now removed from contexts of inception and performance at Fridman Gallery, these works question the roles of and illustrate diverse approaches to thinking about space, sound recording, reproduction, and the larger practice of spatial sound.

CT::SWaM’s Spatial Sound Summer Sessions 2016 will be held from Aug 25 - Sep 6 2016 at Fridman Gallery.