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Seventh Sign Love Vibes

Just back from another edition of Turntables on the Nile in Cairo and Turntables on las Ramblas in Barcelona, Nickodemus returns with scores of new music, ready to share the Autumn Libra love vibes.

We begin with "Back & Forth," a new Wriggly Scott (DJ Solo) track featuring MC Toofless out of Dubai, then go into the new "Mala in Cuba," a deep electronic dub by Mala and Simbad made from Cuban recordings. Following that is Machine Drum's new track "Whatnot," and music from Flying Lotus latest album on Warp Records.

Taking it up a notch is "Rthmos" by Local Talk Records' artist Kindimmer, "Worst Love" by Robosonic, "1960?" by Gregory Porter (Oppolopo Remix) and "I'll Take Care of You" by Gil Scott Heron (Jaime XX mix). Next up is unreleased favorite "Dandilion," with a Pablo Sanchez Remix. Rounding out the October set is A Tall Black Guy Remix of an Al Jarreu tune, followed by Rye's "The Fall" (coming out of LA on the Innovative Beings of Leisure label) and ending with Richie Phoe's "Bumpy's Lament." Stay tuned for the next edition.


Turntables on the Hudson Radio


After sharing thousands of songs on dance floors around the World for the past 15 years, we felt it was time to give Turntables on the Hudson's Nickodemus his first steady radio show to share in the experience to a wider audience! Nickodemus and guests will regularly appear here to paint an audio collage of past events with live mixes, as well as future sounds from the worldwide eclectic dance music spectrum. Visit: