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Second Sundays September Mixtape

Throwback to the golden days of September with this eclectic collection of interviews and playlists from the September Second Sundays open house festivities featuring live music, artists in residence of Pioneer Works, local talent, and art collective representatives.

-Carlos Hernandez of Gravesend Recording and Jordan Michael Ianucci of JMC Aggregate discuss the DIY scene, booking shows and mixtape culture, and also share some of JMC’s latest cassette releases.

-Tune in to an interview with Hatim Belyamani, executive director of remix ←→ culture, as he describes his nonprofit artist collective that creates harmonious links between traditional music and digital remix art.

-Introducing Battle of the Bands winners, Pretty Sick, an alternative dream-punk band of high school girls. Listen in as the trio divulge on their creative path and share some of their sick beats.

-Contemplate economics, the environment, and the intersection of art and politics as cross-media artist Christy Gast and sociologist Denise Milstein elaborate on their collaborative projects.

-Bridget Hickey hosts Pioneer Works artist-in-residence Amelia Winger-Bearskin, who describes her video artwork and unique means of storytelling.

-#trashDAY: BACKpack TO SCHOOL-- Edumacation, that good sense, motherwit, street smarts, knowledge of selfie determination, book learning. Join the #trashDAY duo as they dig into their first ever two hour episode!

-Get down to the Afrokinetic beats of DJ Chris Annibell (host of Clocktower radio series The Sunday Sauce) that connect the musical dots between house, soul, deep, disco, afrofunk, bass music and jazz.

-Take in the hypnotic vibes of this idiosyncratic take on Mauritanian music, created by the duo 75 Dollar Bill who employs sounds of homemade percussion and electric guitar.

-Transport yourself back in time to the days of big band jazz in Harlem and New Orleans with the contagious energy of Brian Carpenter’s Ghost Train Orchestra.


Pioneer Works Radio Channel


This series is devoted to highlighting the artists, events, and innovative programs brought to you by Pioneer Works in Red HookBrooklyn


Second Sundays Concert Series


Live music sets from the Pioneer Works Second Sundays monthly open house festivities at their beautiful space in Red Hook, Brooklyn, curated by Olivier Conan of the treasured music venue Barbès, and recorded by Clocktower Radio. Creative, exotic, usually dance-able, and always with strong ties to music from lands far away.