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Scott Hardkiss

Scott Hardkiss's 2010 debut full-length album Technicolor Dreamer is a notable expansion of the musician's talents and curiosities, noticeable in more than just the eye-catching jacket design. Hardkiss discusses the origins of his interest in DJ culture and hip-house, dance and house music and his early San Francisco-based work with Hardkiss Music, the label he founded with Gavin and Robbie Hardkiss and under which he put out music under the name God Within. He discusses the vibrant and influential gay dance scene of San Francisco and the effects that the AIDS epidemic had on it, as well as the lyrical and vocal import of Dreamer. Since establishing himself as one of the most prolific and adventurous DJs out there, Hardkiss has pushed himself into new musical territory, experimenting with pastiche and more traditional pop and dance formats that have found him collaborating with such artists as Lisa Shaw, Britta Phillips, and Jay Bowman. He discusses how the emotional effects of September 11, considerations of the innate qualities of dance music and his responses to the bewildering popularity of trance led to Technicolor Dreamer. The album has since spawned three EPs, You're the Star EP, featuring remixes by Robbie Rivera and Kris Menace, Come On, Come On EP, featuring remixes by Joaquin "Joe" Claussell and Morgan Geist and Come On, Come On EP Part Two, featuring remixes by Dean & Britta and Scott Hardkiss himself (1 hour 12 minutes).


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