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Scope 2012 Report

What do painted linear structures, mirror drawings, light tunnels and the new breed of mobile and social applications for the art world have in common? They are all discussed in detail with host Daniel Durning on this program of Art and Technology live from Scope 2012 edition in New York City.

James Kennedy an Irish born artist talks about his paintings and his fascination with color proximities and the long process in creating the Spatial series exhibited at Mindy Solomon Gallery.

Chul-Hyun Ahn a Korean born artist speaks from the C. Grimaldis Gallery about light, space and technology and the Zen practice of meditation through apparent limitless space and the optical and bodily illusion of infinity.

Natasha Rottman, Director of Operations of Collectrium, a Web-based art fair management platform speaks about her love of art history and innovative technology and looks at the future of mobile applications Network Neutrality and Open Access to the internet.


Art & Technology


Art & Technology is a radio program that investigates how advancements in new technologies are affecting artists and their work. The series consists of interviews with contemporary visual and audio artists discussing their work, influences, aesthetics and the technical issues they encounter in the creation of their art, relating their personal views about the uses and usages of new media in the art world today. The show opens a discourse with artists working in Interactive, Performance, Screen Based, and Audio and Sound Based media about the role that dynamic technologies play in contemporary art and their own artwork.