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Sad Songs

Get out your handkerchiefs! Chanteuse Nora York reached into her CD collection and came up with some real saddies to produce this completely cathartic experience.


01 Abbey Lincoln, "The World Is Falling Down"

02 Renate Scotto, "Con Onor Muore" (from "Madame Butterfly")

03 Stevie Wonder, "Super Women/ Where Were You When I Needed You"

04 Nancy Argenta, "Thy Hand Belinda/ Didos Lament," (From Purcell's "Dido and Aeneas)

05 Claire Daly, "Every Time We Say Goodbye"

06 Ron Sexsmith, "Fallen"

07 Willie Nelson, "Always on My Mind"

08 Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra, "My Lament"

09 James Taylor, "Johnnie's Gone for a Soldier"

10 Nina Simone, "If I Should Lose You"

11 Quincey Jones, "Everything Must Change"

12 Tom Waits, "St. Johnsburg, Ilinois"

13 Barbara, "Attendez Que Ma Joie Revienne"

Sad Songs

This program is dedicated to all those with heavy hearts. Kahraba brings together miscellaneous selections of sad songs from the '80s. Old tracks, dear to us all, these songs serve as an antidote to "sad" songs produced today, as compression and acceleration have taken precedence and lead to a crisis of emotional content. You will hear an eclectic mix of some well known pop songs, both Arabic and English, power ballads, some new wave, some live recordings, and a menagerie of melancholic breaks... truly the saddest parts of the saddest songs.


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