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Rock 'N Roll Reparations, Volume 2 (Part 1)

Part one of a two-part episode featuring tracks from the Black Rock Coalition’s 25th Anniversary compilation, Rock ‘N Roll Reparations: Volume 2, hosted by Earl Douglas Jr. and Darrell M. McNeill.

This segment features tracks by: Earl Greyhound, The Smyrk, McRad, White Noise Supremacists, Sophia Ramos, guillermo e. brown, Pillow Theory, Dope Sagittarius, Helixdown, King Aswad, The Family Stand, The Oooh Baby Gimme Mores, and Lachi.


Black Rock Coalition Radio


The Black Rock Coalition was founded in 1985 by guitarist Vernon Reid, journalist Greg Tate, and producer Konda Mason in reaction to the constrictions that the commercial music industry places on black artists. Over the years it has broadened its mission in active support of Black artists who defy convention. These programs are produced and hosted by Earl Douglas, LaRonda Davis, and Darrell McNeill.

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