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Robert Aaron, Troubleman

Jeannie Hopper interviews and plays tracks with composer and multi-instrumentalist Robert Aaron on his rich career; four decades-long and counting. This intimate audio portrait explores the life of a behind-the-scenes cat that made so many sound so good: from the early New York club scene where the fusion of art and music merged (most notably at the legendary Danceteria) to many sessions at the famed Power Plant recording studio, and performing in Jazz, Haitian and Cuban music circles.

Creative results from this alchemy include producing with Kenton Nix & Mark Kamins for Johnny Dynell’s timeless club hit “Jam Hot” and playing with James Chance and the Contortions band since the 80s. He’s continued to balance the live scene with the club scene having a stint at the now defunct Green House Club where he played sax and improvising with DJ’s spinning EDM selections. And yet another musical personality can be heard in his groovy jazz album entitled Troubleman. His versatility exemplifies the rich pool of creativity ever present in New York where so many musical communities merge.

NOTE: This program is in two parts (use the media player FF button to jump ahead).


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